Walther Jervolino


Walter Jervolino was born in 1944 near Ferrara, Italy. He studied art under Italian realist painters Calandri and Soffiantino, favoring the oil painting as well as the engraving techniques.

He initiated his professional career in Paris, London and in Milan, where he lived for a number of years. He later perfected his technique in the Roman studio of Riccardo Tommasi Ferroni, one of the major Italian artists.

His work is exhibited at prestigious galleries in Europe and in the United States.

Selected One-Man and Group Exhibitions

1990     Silvretta Park Hotel - Klosters, Switzerland

1991     Martin Khan Gallery – Hawaii, U.S.A.

1992     Lev Moross Gallery - Los Angeles, California

1992     Galleria Davico - Turin Italy

1993     Kunsthaus Frenzel Gallery - Goppingen, Germany

1994     Centre d'Art VAAS  - Vence, France

1994     Lorelei Gallery - Bruxelles, Belgium

1995     Galleria Club - Turin, Italy

1996     Centre d’Art VAAS - Vence, France

1996     Commenoz Gallery - Miami, Florida

1996     Peter Bruegel Gallery - Amsterdam, Holland

1997     Lorelei Gallery - Bruxelles, Belgium

1998     Galerie Nunky - Paris, France

1998     Pieter Bruegel Gallery - Amsterdam, Holland

1999     Galleria Fogliato - Turin, Italy

2000     Galleria Fogliato - Turin, Italy

2003     Galleria Fogliato - Turin, Italy

2004     Gallery 44, Turin - Italy

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